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Areas I can help your business

  • Digital media strategy development
  • Adwords and PPC campaign management
  • Search engine performance analysis
  • Website review
  • Software procurement decisions
  • Implementing AIDC (barcode and RFID) technology

A bit of background

I’ve been working in new media and technology since I graduated in 1997. In those early days I started developing websites and was happy to get involved in anything & everything (like building e-commerce sites from scratch – silly boy!). I vividly remember the excitement when I stumbled upon the cutting edge world of web animation tools like Futuresplash. I loved that time and my animation skills even won an award or two.

Since then, I’ve spent time working on the Modernising Government agenda and seen first hand the positive effect technology can have on people’s lives. As part of my work with Local Government, I conceived and helped implement Europe’s largest city-wide smartcard scheme.

I’ve always been driven by a passion to understand things rather than being content to ‘leave it to the experts’. So, I can now program in a few languages and use technical programs (like Cinema 4D and After Effects) to a professional standard.

I’m constantly excited and amazed by the opportunities given to us by the emerging media.

Some of the brands I’ve worked with (in all roles)

  • BBC worldwide
  • Arup
  • Speedo
  • Whatcar? magazine
  • Sydney FC
  • Granada Media
  • The Travel Channel
  • Hasbro
  • P&O

In the spirit of ‘learning by doing’, in my spare time, I run neglect a few websites such as Givgleuchoo & Tweetslice.

If you’re looking for someone to bring a common sense, pragmatic approach to your new media strategy and online activities, please give me a call on 07912 204163.

Thanks for reading,
James - The e-Pro

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