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The cost of setting up an online shop

If you’re thinking about setting up an online shop in the UK, you probably just want to know the answer to the simple “How do I do it and how much will it cost?”.

Advice for making money online with ecommerce

There are as many different ways to sell your products online as you can think. However, what we’re after here is a simple answer, a starter for 10, not an exhaustive list of all the options.┬áIn this post I’ll give you a ‘stake in the ground’ that you can use to make some business decisions and get started.

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Free customer surveys

Everyone knows listening to your customers is a vital part of developing your product offering. However, in the traditional world its a bit tricky and can be very costly. Well, in the online world its a lot easier and (obviously?) you can get it done for free.
SurveyMonkey is one of the better services for setting up a questionnaire and the free service allows you to ask 10 questions of up to 100 people. Take a look it might make a massive difference to actually hear what your customers really think!

Manage customer feedback for free

Jul 07 2008 Published by under Looking after customers, Online tools

Capturing ideas and suggestions from your customers or potential customers is a vital part of developing your product and customer base. Its really easy to take a more structured approach to customer feedback by using the excellent Uservoice. The service is currently free (while its in beta) and I suspect it’ll move to a ‘freemium’ model once its live.
Users can leave new suggestions for you or vote for the features that they feel would best enhance your product offering. By including a snipet of code on your website you can add a button to allow customers to add feedback with the click of a button without actually leaving your site. Once you choose to implement an idea you can interact with contributors via the service which really does create the kind of reactive “we’re listening” kind of feel any good business wants.

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