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Integrating ResponseTap phone call tracking and Google Analytics

Integrating ResponseTap phone call tracking and Google Analytics

If you want to track phone calls generated by your website using ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) then you’re likely to come across an annoying issue with the way call data is sent to Google Analytics; ResponseTap sends different values from those usually found in Google Analytics.

Here’s a solution to get ResponseTap call tracking playing nicely with Google Analytics.
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Use your own domain for OpenID

Creating accounts and remembering passwords for every site you visit has always been a major pain. A simple way around this issue is OpenID. This technology allows you to use a single account to control access to lots of sites in a secure way.

You probably already have an OpenID account but just didn’t know about it.

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Pass multiple select values from your website to

Apr 26 2010 Published by under Quick tips, Site design, Technote

If you’re integrating your website with you may need to capture multiple select values. Unfortunately, Salesforce doesn’t accept an array of values (the way PHP sends multiple selects when a form is submitted) so it truncates the values it receives so only the first value gets through. I recently solved this issue when I was building a form for a client.

Salesforce needs a single


pair for each of the values in the same select. So, we need to create something that looks like


The php implode() function is very helpful here so we could just pass the array from the form to a php file and do something like

implode("&val=" $_POST['mySelect']);

It would be sensible to urlencode the values of the form data to make sure it arrives safely. So, we need to urlencode the values after they’ve been imploded. If we simply urlencode the array, we no longer have an array and it’s pretty useless.

To send data from the website to Salesforce, I pre-processed the data and sent the request ‘manually’ so my chain of events looked something like this:

Form on website >> php data manipulation >> php creation of POST >> object

If you have any tips about integrating your website with Salesforce, please drop me a line.

Google helps you cook

Apr 12 2007 Published by under Productivity, Quick tips

We all know Google is the best search engine available. However, it is an awful lot more too – it even helped me make dinner!

I was cooking the other day (actually I was just preparing the ingredients for Liz to do the cooking!) and I had a recipe which was written in pounds & ounces. All my ingredients were in metric measurements so I did a quick search for a conversion tool…I didn’t need to look far!

Type this into Google: 1lb2oz to g

Amazingly, at the top of the screen you’ll get:
1 pound 2 oz = 510.291416 grams

Pretty amazing huh?!

You can also try it with all sorts of conversions (distances etc) but its also a really powerful calculator too. Just type this into Google:

Obviously firing up your PC to do some simple maths is pretty silly but if the PC’s on it could be pretty handy, esp if you need to concentrate on the cooking!

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