Google helps you cook

We all know Google is the best search engine available. However, it is an awful lot more too – it even helped me make dinner!

I was cooking the other day (actually I was just preparing the ingredients for Liz to do the cooking!) and I had a recipe which was written in pounds & ounces. All my ingredients were in metric measurements so I did a quick search for a conversion tool…I didn’t need to look far!

Type this into Google: 1lb2oz to g

Amazingly, at the top of the screen you’ll get:
1 pound 2 oz = 510.291416 grams

Pretty amazing huh?!

You can also try it with all sorts of conversions (distances etc) but its also a really powerful calculator too. Just type this into Google:

Obviously firing up your PC to do some simple maths is pretty silly but if the PC’s on it could be pretty handy, esp if you need to concentrate on the cooking!

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